Magpie Blues

ABC TV Art Nation Profile and Performance


And then, there’s the almost impossibly gifted Ursula Yovich, as Nurse, who, in has succeeded thoroughly in becoming her character, while putting her own, unmistakable stamp on it.

Website - Australian Stage Online - Lloyd Bradford Syke - May 2008

There’s no danger that this pint sized powerhouse from the Northern Territory will be seen as purely an Aboriginal actor.

The Sydney Magazine, Issue # 58, February 2008

Singing the beautiful, haunting song that closes Ray Lawrence's film Jindabyne.

Weekend Australian - Review - January 2007

Gutsy performances and powerful singing she is renowned for on stage.

Weekend Australian - Review - January 2007

She's one of the most powerful performers on the Australian stage.

Theatre director Neil Armfield in Weekend Australian Review - January 2007

Ursula Yovich as 14 year old Tocky, Norman’s love and the play’s tragic heroine is both luminous and utterly beguiling. Without a doubt the play’s highlight.

Website - State of the Arts reviews Jo Higgins - June 2006

Yovich, who proved a joy in The Sapphires and impressed in The Threepenny Opera, is ideally cast as May, a vulnerable fighter who clings to the possibility of a new beginning cleansed of the sins of the world. She is unflinching and commands attention.

Sydney Morning Herald - July 2005

URSULA Yovich’s soaring voice and complete lack of artifice made the opening night of her deeply personal, unadorned cabaret an evening to remember.

Adelaide Advertiser

Magpie Blues is Yovich’s life in story and song, a rich, complex and engaging experience that reveals the depth of her extraordinary talent.

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